SPIGEN SGP Armor Silicone Case for iPhone 5/iPhone 5S

When you think of Spigen SGP, the products that usually come to mind are ultra thin cases or their excellent line of screen protectors led by the Glas.t premium protector. The SPIGEN SGP Armor Silicone Case for iPhone 5/iPhone 5S comes in two parts. The silicone shell is semi-rigid. On the interior of the shell are a series of boxes in a spider web like design.

When it comes to designing cases for maximum protection, it’s how an iPhone will be protected should it get dropped. The cutouts that line the interior combined with the cushion, should certainly help. The silicone that lines the outer edges of your iPhone 5/5s is noticeably thicker, even more so at the corners. If you drop your iPhone, the corners of this case should help dull the impact.


There is a significant lip that hugs the display throughout the entire bezel. Chances of the iPhone dislodging on impact does not seem likely, at all. The case has a good, solid fit. The case in no way impedes the use of Touch ID or Control Center. The volume up/down and power button are covered by silicone. Both were very responsive and you’ll never feel as if you were struggling to turn on or make volume changes.

The second piece of the case is a hard plastic shell that snaps into place, it covers most of the back. The design mirrors the two tone finishes of the iPhone 5s/5. There are generous openings for the camera, including the dual-LED flash of the iPhone 5s, as well as the Lightning, mute switch and 3.5mm headset jack. The case also exposes the Apple logo, but offers no add on to protect it from dust and dirt.


When you combine the two, the hard back shell snaps into place and it gives the impression of being a case that has not been pieced together. The layering amps up the level of protection. The combination of the hard plastic and shock absorbing attributes of silicone should serve you well. The resulting case is also relatively thin. Part of this can be attributed to the lack of protection for the screen. While adding a screen protector will protect against scratches, it also comes at an added cost and I’m afraid that it won’t help as much as a case that offers full enclosure. Spigen conveniently offers the Glas.t at a discounted rate to those who want that added protection.

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Leather Case Cover With Built-in LED Light For Kindle 4 / 5

Leather Kindle covers are a stylish way to protect your Kindle from everyday wear and potential scratches. The new design seamlessly incorporates a reading light into the cover, so you can carry your Kindle 4/5 wherever you go and always have a reading light with you. Simply pull the light out to illuminate Kindle when you need it, and slide it away to be invisible when you don’t. And since the light draws its power from Kindle, no batteries are needed.

The contoured, pebble-grain leather (available in 5 different colors) keeps your Kindle safe and secure, while the soft charcoal microfiber interior protects the screen from scratches. The cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand.

How It Works

In addition to securing Kindle in place, our new hinge system conducts electricity from Kindle’s battery to the reading light – when Kindle is attached to the hinge, an electrical connection is formed that powers the light.

Secure Your Kindle in Three Easy Steps


This compact cover is perfect for taking Kindle wherever you go. The sleek leather ensures the ultimate fit and protection, without adding bulk or weight. Simply attach Kindle to the hinge and rest assured it will stay securely in place even when you’re on the go. You’ll never be without a reading light, and since the light draws its power from Kindle, no batteries are needed.


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The Cell Phone Timeline

1922: Pioneer
The police in Chicago experiment with a radio telephone which broadcast at a frequency just above the AM radio band.


1940s: Horseback
The US Army Signal Corps communicate via radio in the field during wartime.


1959: Commercial Model
Reginald Blevins, the Postmaster General of the UK, inaugurates the first radio telephone service for motorists.


1972: Portable
A model shows off a unit that could dial into telephone systems, displayed at a London exhibition entitled, “Communications Today, Tomorrow and the Future.”


1983: Inventor
Martin Cooper is credited with developing the first cell phone approved for commercial use.


1988: In the Field
Frenchman Frank Piccard calls in after taking Gold in the Super G at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

cell_phone_051997: Ahead of its Time
Philips introduces an early attempt at a digital “smart phone.” The unit, called “The Synergy” provided wireless access to e-mail, internet and faxes.


1999: In Fashion
Mattel’s Barbie is outfitted with pearls, a business suit and a cell phone.


2000: High Tech
A concept product from Panasonic combines a game machine with a detachable hand unit which serves as a mobile phone and game control device.

cell_phone_102005: Multiplicity
Fans at a Live 8 concert in Edinburgh brandish their phones.

cell_phone_112006: Simple
A tourist uses his phone to photograph volcanoes in Indonesia.

cell_phone_122006: Historic Moment
Palestinian students at a Ramallah University photograph physicist Steven Hawking, who has arrived to give a lecture.

cell_phone_132007: Text is Next
Morgan Pozgar, 13, of Claysburgh, Pennsylvania, competes in the LG National Texting Championship at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

cell_phone_142008: The iPhone 3G
Steve Jobs unveils the latest generation of his revolutionary product. The 3G is faster and less expensive than its predecessor.




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Top 5 Best Phonce Case/Cover Websites

As smartphone popularity grows around the world it is only natural that we follow with our protective solutions. People are people no matter where they live and will always have need for added smartphone protection. But as there are many case websites with crafty and artistic designs of covers to attract customers, it may be difficult for you to  choose the best one to visit. New we have selected Top 5 Best Phonce Case/Cover Websites for your reference.

Top 1. Alfreeshipping

Alfreeshipping.com is a global online retailer mainly dedicated to provide customers worldwide with high quality cell phone accessories. We are new to e-commerce and would like to work hard to provide you world-leading products continuously. At the early stage, alfreeshipping.com will mainly sell cellphone & tablet accessories with attractive design and price. They’re committed to providing the best product price and quality for every customer. What they’ve got at present contains:  iPhone Cases, iPad Cases, Samsung Cases, Kindle Cases.

Top 2. iCase-Zone

iCase-Zone.com is a best and big online store for purchasing cases, such as iPhone 5 cases, iPhone 4/4s cases, iPad cases, Tablet cases, Kindle cases, RC toys and other accessories, it provides customers with good quality products and free shipping.Our products have been exported to the world-wide market. Apple iPhone cases& iPad cases are their main products as well as other Apple accessories.

Top 3. Best Buy

Shop online for cell phone accessories, including cell phone cases, cell phone covers & cell phone clips at Best Buy Mobile. Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:  BBY) is the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer, offering advice, service and convenience – all at competitive prices – to the consumers who visit its websites and stores more than 1.5 billion times each year.  In the United States, more than 70 percent of Americans are within 15 minutes of a Best Buy store and BestBuy.com is among the largest ecommerce retailers in the United States.  Additionally, the company operates businesses in Canada, China and Mexico.

Top 4. OtterBox

With their latest exploration into handheld technology, OtterBox has an incredible opportunity to serve a massive population—that is, everyone who owns a smartphone and wants to protect it. With millions owning such devices worldwide, they’ve just begun to scratch the surface. OtterBox wants to be the leader in global handheld technology protection, so it benefits their customers and their partners to be located in and operating from the regions in which they live and work.

Top 5. Skinit

Skinit is the industry leader in consumer personalization for electronic devices. Our online ordering and customization tools allow you personalize thousands of devices. Make your cell phone, MP3 player, laptop, PDA device, camera, or gaming device as unique as you are. Show off your style, support your favorite team, or truly express yourself with custom skins you design. Skinit has thousands of designs including top brands in sports, entertainment, and art, as well as our Customizer™ tool that lets you design your own using photos, images, text, symbols and many of our designs to create entirely personalized skins. Show your passion or create something entirely new, and unique.

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iPhone 5S/5 Cartoon Waterproof Bag Case

This cartoon waterproof bag case is an universal water proof bag for all mobile phones that has smaller than 4.8” screen. The iPhone 5S/5 Cartoon Waterproof Bag Case is 100% brand new with fashionable design. Besides  iPhone 5S/5,  it can be used to protect iPhone 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Nokia, HTC etc. against rain, sand and dust great for beachs, playgrounds or amusment parks.


This waterproof bag is made with premium materials and designed with cute cartoon style for all ages. Soft jacket does not affect the operation of digital camera functionality and variety of protective effects on the camera. Ultra clear front window lets you use your buttons and screen as normal without taking it out of the case.


Mutiple cute cartoon styles, including kitty cat, Paul Homme, chopper, Dora, Monsters University, one piece and plants vs zombies meet the needs of cartoon addicts. What’s more, it’s easy to dry. And the color will never fade.  Every model of the products gets through strict manufacturing management process, in order to guarantee the quality of our product. To find more cartoon styles, please visit Alfreeshipping.



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5 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

Nowadays a cell phone is one of the most important gadgets you’ll need in day-to-day life. Cell phones have come a long way from the giant bricks that they used to be to the current do-it-all slim devices that they now are, but owning a cell phone by itself isn’t enough – following are five accessories you’ll need with your do-it-all cell phone.


1. Protective Case or Cover

Whether the phone is a high-end smartphone or a simple budget phone, the owner will benefit from having a protective case or cover. This cell phone accessory basically has two purposes. First, it protects the phone from damage such as scratches, bumps, dust, and spills. Second, it allows one to customize the look of the phone to make it more stylish. Since there are many types of cases and covers in the market today, some people might find it difficult to select which is the best one for their phone. Alfreeshipping provides more information on the cell phone cases and covers, to help one determine the most suitable product for his need.

2. Memory Card

Cell phones like the highly popular iPhones have a preset and unchangeable internal hard drive storage space, but most cell phones rely on an internal memory cards for all of their data storage space. If you want to get the most out of your cell phone by allowing more space for pictures, video recording, added phone book memory, and more; an upgraded memory card would be a great accessory for your cell phone.

3. Additional Battery

Cell phone batteries are typically limited in power and have to be constantly charged to maximize phone usage. However, for some people such as travelers and field workers, charging phones is not always possible. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase an additional battery to extend the life of the phone. Most cell phone batteries are inexpensive, portable, and can be easily purchased in most retail stores, as well as online. Of course, before making a purchase, one should know the type of battery that is recommended for the phone to avoid compatibility issues.

4. Headset

A headset is typically included in the cell phone package upon purchase. This accessory allows one to have phone conversations without having to hold onto the phone, therefore keeping one’s hands free to do other things. Headsets come in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices. Some are created for specific phone models, while others are made for more universal use. There are two types of headsets, namely wired and wireless. A wired headset connects to the phone via a thin cable, while its other end contains an earpiece. The microphone is either built onto the wire near one’s mouth, or integrated into the earpiece.

5. Car Charger

Forgetting to charge your cell phone is a common blooper made by cell phone owners and if you’re busy on the road or rushing to work, there will be no way possible to charge your cell phone – resulting in missed calls – unless you have a cell phone charger. A cell phone charger accessory is an accessory that will definitely come in handy and should be a cell phone accessory that you must have on hand – just in case.

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LOVE MEI Waterproof Aluminum Gorilla Metal Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

The LOVE MEI Waterproof Aluminum Gorilla Metal Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of special aviation aluminum alloy with gorilla glass and refined from CNC which can protect the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen. The touch screen is close-fitting and good signal as if it’s the original screen.


With the fashion design, it’s easy to put on and easy to take off. Tempered glass protects the fragile screen with anti-fouling and anti-glare function. After your Samsung Galaxy S4 installed in the case, you will not need to take out it again. All  you can press all the the buttons, you can see all the holes  and you can even use the charge your S4. What’s more, you can can hear clearly when you call somebody.


Why Choose it:

1. Shockproof: with this case, you are no worry that your kids will drop your S4

2. Dirproof: Super dirproof function, keep your S4ew look.

3. Waterproof: you can use your phone when it’s rainy day or go to the seaside and even drop a cup of water/coffee/milk on the phone. Don’t worry it will destroy your phone. But do not suggest you drop it into the water or bath , it’s also not for diving.

4. Aluminum Gorilla Metal Case, make your phone to be a fashion item and even it


The silica gel seal packing and gasket makes the phone has a good waterproof function (does not support deep diving such as being used for swimming or being soaked in the water, yet meet the rainy day or go to the seaside completely not afraid of water)

Shopping Guide:

You can find thisLOVE MEI Waterproof Aluminum Gorilla Metal Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 from the online retail store Alfreeshipping.com.




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iOS vs Android, Which One is Better?

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are operating systems used primarily in mobile technology. Android, which is Linux-based and partly open source, is more PC-like than iOS, in that its interface and basic features are generally more customizable from top to bottom. However, iOS’ uniform design elements are sometimes seen as being more user-friendly. ios_vs_android It’s one of the blogosphere’s favorite tech topics. Every new nugget of competitive information is fodder for an avalanche of coverage. Oftentimes, a story will declare that Android is beating iOS or that iOS is beating Android. New let’s make a comparison.

Widgets Yes No, except in NotificationCenter
Developer Google Apple Inc.
OS family Linux OS X, UNIX
Customizability A lot. Can change almost anything. Limited unless jailbroken
Initial release September 23, 2008 July 29, 2007
Programmed in C, C++, java C, C++, Objective-C
Dependent on a PC/Mac No No
Easy media transfer depends on model with desktop application
Source model Open source Closed, with open source components.
Open source Kernel, UI, and some standard apps The iOS kernel is not open source but is based on the open-source Darwin OS.
Call features supported Auto-respond Auto-respond, call-back reminder, do not disturb mode
Internet browsing Google Chrome (or Android Browser on older versions; other browsers are available) Mobile Safari (Other browsers are available)
Available on Many phones and tablets, including Kindle Fire(modified android), LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Nexus, and others. iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)
Interface Touch screen, Smartwatch Touch screen
Messaging Google Hangouts iMessage
Voice commands Google Now (on newer versions) Siri
Maps Google Maps Apple Maps
Video chat Google Hangouts Facetime
App store Google Play – 1,000,000+ Apps. Other app stores like Amazon and Getjar also distribute Android apps. (unconfirmed “.APK’s”) Apple app store – 1,000,000+ Apps
Market share 81% of smartphones, 3.7% of tablets in North America (as of Jan’13) and 44.4% of tablets in Japan (as of Jan’13). In the United States in Q1 2013 – 52.3% phones, 47.7% tablets. 12.9% of smartphones, 87% of tablets in North America (as of Jan’13) and 40.1% of tablets in Japan (as of Jan’13)
Available language(s) 32 Languages 34 Languages
Latest stable release Android 4.4 Kitkat (October, 2013) 7.1 (March 10, 2014)
Device manufacturer Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, Motorola, and many more Apple Inc
Upcoming releases Unknown Unknown
Working state Current Current
Website android.com apple.com

On some level, it’s too crude a question to take very seriously. There are just too many ways to define “winning,” and neither platform leads in every area. But here’s the closest thing to an objective answer I can manage.

“Android if you’re talking about market share; iOS if you mean financial success. So far, this is a strikingly different market than the PC business back in the 1990s, when market share translated directly into financial success.” You, of course, are entitled to come to a different conclusion.

No matter you are a Android user or iOS supporter, you’d better to buy a case to protect your Android/iOS devices. If you think like that, you’ll not regret visiting Alfreeshipping where you’ll get all your needs.

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iOS 8 Release Date, Rumors and Feature Specs

iOS 8 was unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2. Apple has taken another step up from iOS 7, further streamlining the Apple experience, especially with integration and syncing between iOS devices.  Here, we’ll bring you everything we know about iOS 8, Apple’s next iOS operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

As usual with any Apple news, we have no official confirmation of when we might see an operating system upgrade.  The first pre-release beta version of iOS 8 has now been made available for beta testers to download. But the final version won’t be released to the general public until the autumn.


Improved integration between Apple devices, both mobile and desktop, is a major focal point of both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Apple introduced several new “Continuity” features that are designed to connect the iPhone, iPad, and Mac “like never before.” Speculation about iOS 8 – which is believed to be codenamed “Okemo” after a ski resort in Vermont – skyrocketed as February 2014 arrived, with reports that Apple is working on a ‘Healthbook’ app for the new operating system, which could change mobile health and fitness tracking for good.


Apple is also adding location sharing into the Messages app and you’ll be able to enable Do Not Disturb markers on particularly noisy threads. Plus, you can also download third-party keyboard apps, such as Swype.  Besides, Apple has introduced a new native keyboard called QuickType, which is “personalised and it learns how you type to different people in different apps,” according to Apple’s Craig Federighi.

iOS 8 also introduces a new feature called Family Sharing. This lets up to six family members share the same downloaded iTunes and App Store content, as long as they are tethered to the same credit card.   Mail also has some new features too, with Apple letting you swipe on individual emails to access additional options like flagging.

Stay tuned for all the latest breaking iOS 8 news and rumours. You must rush to upgrade your iOS devices to iOS 8 when it’s released. But if you don’t pay much attention to protect your deiveces, are they strong enough to wait for the release date? So if you don’t have a case or cover to protect your devices yet, please visit Alfreeshipping to satisfy all your needs.


iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumors


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iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumors

The new iPhone could be one of the most pivotal devices in the Cupertino brand’s history – with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simple updates to previous models, there’s a lot of pressure heaped on the iPhone 6. And with Apple’s iPhone 5s now nine months old, iPhone 6 rumours are coming in fast.

To help you get a better idea of Apple’s iPhone history, here are the release dates of its iPhones since the very first one was unveiled in 2007.

iPhone 1st gen June, 2007
iPhone 3G July, 2008
iPhone 3GS June, 2009
iPhone 4 June, 2010
iPhone 4s October, 2011
iPhone 5 September, 2012
iPhone 5s/5c September, 2013

Apple is expected to release the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 around September of 2014, while the 5.5-inch version might not be available until the very end of the year or early 2015. In addition to the bigger screen, we expect that the iPhone 6 will have a bit of a new design. The latest rumours and leaked images suggest that the iPhone 6 will have little or no bezels, and many suggest that the iPhone 6 will have a thinner, lighter chassis.


Apple’s iOS updates generally happen along iPhone launches, which means the iPhone 6 is likely to ship with iOS 8. Previewed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, iOS 8 introduces several new features that improve integration between Apple’s mobile and desktop devices.

It’s highly likely that the iPhone 6 will have a better camera than the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s has an 8-megapixel camera with an f/2.2 aperture, but rumour has it Apple is planning on boosting that to a 10-megapizel camera with an f/.8 aperture and an improved filter.


There’s one thing we can be sure about when it comes to the iPhone 6 – it won’t be cheap. One analyst even goes as far as predicting that Apple will hike up the price of the iPhone 6, possibly by as much as $100 (around £60, AU$110). With a larger screen, new glass covering the front and possibly even a new, more impressive, material used in construction, we can see the price being hiked.

Rumors about the next-generation iPhone have been accelerating in recent weeks. As iPhone 6 is not available yet, if you are sitll using iPhone 5S/5C or even iPhone 5/4S and want to find a great case to decorate your iPhone or protect it, Alfreeshipping is recommended. And Alfreeshipping will also keep updating to follow the new iPhone 6.


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